the galactic religion

               we are the guardians of creation

         all religions established today on this planet ....
                     where not ment for the modern homo sapiens !

              but for their ancient societies .... with their totally different reality !

           this is the reason > for writting up this extension of those acient religions
           since modern society does obviously not work with out !

           since we need a new explaination for all things ...
          to solve the problems of today !


         the religion of the galactic nation

all these established religions today ... have only one task >
to guard
these " faithful " against their own irresponsibility !

in the best case ...
they are living responsibly > but are not politically active!
and this was necessary > in the past ....

because otherwise these religions would have not been legal ....
been viable!

in the worst case ....
they are even irresponsible themselfs !

because in a free society >
necessarily goes hand in hand > the accountability !!!

this applied as a citizen ...
so he must not only be free in his decisions
but he must be able to answer for them !

just as with any religion >>>
gods decision to let each and every one have his freedom
automatically and necessarily ...
becoming his personal responsibility !

and therein lies the whole evil >
because all these free " citizen and believers "
do not do this !

they just want the freedom> the money > the power >
especially > the conceit ​​procurement !

but not a responsible lifestyle >
nowhere > no one in this world > because not even >
for the same reason > it never give you a rule of basic law !
so all just have to be world bandits > with these all to compete ...

otherwise they were members of their religion >
citizens > friends > coworker !

otherwise nothing more will be possible .... for them !

the star peace organization

the meaning of life of a human > is to work out a decent way of life
realize it > live it  > guarantee it for all !

because only then .... he is a human being !

and therefore there is no meaning here on this world !
as there is no human order

because humans only want to live decently > can be > must be ....!
otherwise they will be dissatisfied >until they can live as humans !

so to achieve this > the meaning in life of each person ....
is to make just this happen

until then ... they feel like losers > indeed they are .... in reality!
only by their conceit procurement >this is represented as a success >

galactic central information

an introduction to the religion and history of the galactic nation

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the visitor

already from space coming ....
any inteligent visitor ... will see >

that this planetary population can be no homo sapiens!

just looking at the illumination of the dark side of the planet!
and this mass of radio transmissions for broadcasting .... entertainment

when every one should be resting !

because every human needs contemplation ....
otherwise he will be > becoming insane !

then ... when the visitor .... closing in .... and all this garbage ..... to be seen
he can only turn away disgusted>

and when we are coming down on  this ... "earth" .... then ...
every one is running from one drug of entertainment >
to the
next > drug of food ......

or this guarding the peoples humantity >>>
with wolves > with state licensing dog tags!

or just looking at those ideas > this population has
about an extra terrestrial civilization >

no longer ... any ..... rest period .... at all
just endless fun !

or the "search" of this earthlies >
for extra terrestial ... via radio waves .....

then we know for sure
that this can only be simple a mass in sanity

and should more evidence of this be needed >
then we need just to look at this
animal love !

when every homo sapiens is knowing >
that animals never want to live in human dignity ...

this is a very unusual superiority >
of the homo sapiens in this universe ....

consequently they are> the only such > long enough there>
not just to
settle one galaxy  ....

but the whole universe!

now we will show >

what was at the beginning of time and how the universe came to be .........

because > to know what to do today >
we have to know what was and why is every thing here now ....

at the beginnig of time > there was only emptyness every where !
why ? > because at the beginning there could only be nothing ........

where would it have come from ?

but space has been there all ways ! .... it was definitly not created at the big bang ........
because ? > what would have been there before ? ..... but empty space >>>>

now some one will come up and say > there ist no beginning and no end of time !
and shurely > the beginnig of time was with out a start > end less !
and the end of time is with out an end >>>>> infinite !

and then ? came the universe to be ? ...
where did all the hydrogen gas came from ?

since this is equal to energy ! .....
there must have been somthing who created it !
and what could have created all this energy ? .....

in an empty space ? >> only a creater <<

having been created by him self in this empty space ....

so ........

this is not about us .... today and tomorrow !
or about this world in millions of years
still having sufficient resources !
a life supporting climate on this world .....

as well .... not in this galaxy .... in a billion years
settle on another world .... if this here goes to an end !

but this is all about eternity !
and everything not compatible with this is worth nothing ....

so ......

women competing with their lowly men -
they created through their biological priorities selection -
will bring them nothing - but extinction ......

if on the other hand -

they would become inteligent beings -
looking at the whole of reality -
overcoming their animal existance -
acting according to eternal responsibilities -

they would be creating a paradise on earth -
and live on forever ....

no one can think ... what he wants !

this is as insane > as if the government enslaves its citizens ....
with senselessly > polluting .... resource squandering > forced labor !

those are no humans > but animals and vermin
who do not enjoy human rights because they are not guaranteeing them  !

there is for the individual > only one thing to do > acknowledge the reality >
that the creation is > to honor and respect > having the first priority!

and for each nation> there is only the same > acknowledge the reality >
that the creation is to honor and respect > having the first priority!

the government being only there to ensure the safety of his citizens
and guaranteeing his honor !

and this > has to be observed globally and every one not observing  this
being a world criminal >

to be shunned by humanity !
and put somewhere in a penitentiary > where the damage >
all these world criminals have been causing ...
will be repaired again!

What is the supreme law ?

the universe ... and any world
use only as defined by creation !

and consequently from this derive >
all commandments >

fundamental rights from !

as well as the requirement for peace !
all must recognize the present reality
and then ...  guarantee a new !
meaning an accountabile life
providing for all ...

no mirage > without conceit !
without physical force > without taboos ...
all must be addressable !
meaning capable of >

being a responsible citizen ...


the limits of darwinian evolution !

selection of the fittest on planet earth !

every group ... every society selects only those > helping them to stay criminell !
to spoil the environment ... wasting all the resources ... causing a new great flood ...
and every one just pointing this out ... is  " insane " .... will be going into exil ...
prison or to a psychiatric institution ... if not just getting ill and dead !

since if the population would listen to them ... value them ...
there would be solutions possible ... and with out catastrophies

what would satan do ?

this all means ..... that we can not have a homo sapiens race on this planet ....
but a competing mass of criminal ..... apes ....

being at the very least .... passiv about this so obiously wrong ful doing !
meaning there can not possibly be a future coming up ....

only through a continous stream of discusions >
could the basis for a functioning plan be worked out !
because reality is then present to evolve such from ......

but with darwinian evolution ...... only insane vanity ...... is present !
because only those .... who entice the insane masses .... are left > after ....
solitary confinement ...... at best !

has brought every sane indidivitual to extinction .....

so ..... this population is not having any problems !
but every one else is competing to be realy the fittest guardian of the problem >

his society .... this native planetary population .....

the planet of satan

we need to realize > that this is the planet of satan !

where the individual either will ...
taking care of his psychopathic interests >
at the cost of this world > meaning this environment and his people
or he must believe that everything will be >>> well at the end  !!!
otherwise he will not be desirable anywhere
because shunned all over !

because the aspiration of this satan
is definitely the enslavement of this population
for the purposes of the destruction of this planet >
and this is not the first time !

around 75 million years ago > this project satan has been started
and another world was destroyed and many millions
made to evil zombies of this satan !

these souls then came here > and
created  this planet of satan!
incarnated in these chimpanzees >
and their mischief started again ...

only if we realize this reality > in everything we do > retain >
we can keep the evil of using us > as the zombies for his envy !
meaning use us for his purposes > meaning destruct gods creation
because this evil > is just envious of
gods success !
he can not bear this creation ...

as well as many of this population > can not stand this creation !
because otherwise they would not deny its existence ....
and without any belief in god

going down the road of destruction
or all of these co operating "religions">
meaning those
hypocritical ...

the ones >  continuously
as zombies just helping this evil satan ...

not be heeding this reality !

so ... this world is something special >
something after the story .... " adam and eve" ....

only it exist in billions of them respectively!
which are not
destroying paradise > but all their environment ....

the symbiosis is working the following way  >
woman is helping satan  > destroying this world
and satan is helping woman   .... to destroy men and children !

creating zombies to fullfill their satanic aspiration ....

and as soon as a homo sapiens any where is showing up >
adam must compete with the other zombies >
to eliminate
these disturbing the peace of this ... her horror show !

because of course .... no eve wants to hear about their own shame !

and their selection ... in all these generations
makes this
 phenomenon possible!

eve always chooses the organic delusionals !
eve selects only adam!

until half the world's population will be gone in 100 year ....
as zombies can not ...... design a future ....


at the beginning > there was only .... biological insanity !
und at the end > is now this total mass of insanity governing this world ....

no discusion > because no reality is accepted any where
and only with the acceptance of reality > can there be a future .....

so the 11. holy commandment says > " you shall not refuse reality ! "

by surounding your self with others > having the same non reality as their basis ....
for all your wrong doing !


and the 12 commandment goes >

" you shall not lose your world " !

because with out an environment supporting life with out the neccessary resources ....
there will be no life > no fun !


the church of the homo sapiens

......... being eternal wisdom


before the galactic religion was brought onto this world >
there was no religion here ... to save this world !

because all other religions success > is being based on ... this planet coming to an end !
because ... all others are part of the problem more or less ....

not the solution !

and the galactic religion is so power full >
it needs not to convince all of this worlds population to being successfull >
just one in a million will suffice for this world being saved from the rest of this world !

because every one is his own prophet .... who will not follow any rule
unless he truely understands and is convinced him self !

most of all > he can discuss every aspect of his philosophy with any one >
because all his believes > are absolutly true !

meaning just 7 000 believers will make a paradice out off this planet !
there while ... all the other religions > could have most of this worlds population as believers ....
and this world would not be saved from the end !

because we will not tolerate any one .... to destroy any thing worth while !
and our environment > is the most valuable item we haveour planetary resources are of the most value !

and every homo sapiens is more worth > then all animals combined !
since only the higher wisedom of a human > is capable to save this world ....

the homo sapiens monastery

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